Wheel arch repair on a Ford KA

Scuffed wheel arch on Ford KA Lots of people do it. This Ford KA was caught on a gate post. As you can see on the photo the wheel arch has been scuffed. On this particular car the wheel arch is made of plastic. The area to be repaired is cleaned thoroughly to remove any dirt and silicones found in waxes and other valeting products as this can react and also prevent the new paint and lacquer adhering.
In this photo the damage has been sanded smooth using various grades of abrasive. Starting with the most coarse end ending in less coarse. The wheel is covered to protect it from dust and paint.
Area is masked ready to prime Here the area has been masked off ready for priming. Masking keeps the repair area smaller. Masking also prevents paint from going onto areas that we don't want it to go on. Known as overspray.
Primed and sanded The area has now been primed and wet sanded to feather the edges and make the surface smooth ready to apply the colour.
Baking the lacquer The area has now been painted with the matching paint colour and the lacquer applied. The paint is dried using warm air from a heat gun and the lacquer is baked using infra red lamps. This bakes the lacquer from within to avoid a skin forming. The lacquer will be hard enough to polish in around 15 to 20 minutes.
Scuffed Ford KA after All finished in around 3 hours. You would never know it had been damaged.

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