Mobile Scratch Repair Southport

We can scratch our cars on gate posts, walls, branches and bushes. Unfortunately there are also vandals that find fun in scratching our cars with keys or knives.  We can repair this paint damage to the highest standard using SMART repairs.

Some areas and colours (due to the area of blending needed) may be better suited to a bodyshop but you would be advised of this at the time.  Generally horizontal areas such as bonnets, roofs and boots are not suitable for SMART repairs that require painting.

SMART is an acronym for

Small to Medium Area Repair Technique.

Paint Scratch Repair

Paint Scratch

Mobile car scratch repair.

Deep scratches are sanded and the area feathered out, primed and sanded again, then the basecoat (the colour) is sprayed and normally blended within the panel, then the area is sprayed with a clearcoat.  The clearcoat gives the glossy shine.  This is baked off under infra read lamps.

All materials are the same as used in bodyshops.

Keeping the repair small saves on materials used and enables us to pass those savings on to you and also allows us to get the job done much quicker than a conventional body shop.

 Using a the colour code on your car, we can mix your paint colour on site from the database of colour formulas.

Of course not all car scratches need to be spray painted. Some scratches can look worse than they really are especially on darker colours. A Process of wet sanding and machine polishing back up to a gloss using different grades of polish is sometimes enough to either remove or greatly improve the scratch.



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