Bumper Repair Southport

Bumper Repair Southport

Cars these days have plastic. Bumpers. In fact they are really a bumper cover as the strong metal bar is hidden underneath.

Bumper scuffs, scrapes and scratches are very common and can be repaired in a few hours at your home or place of work.

A process of sanding out the scuffs, scratches and scrapes, filling deeper scratches, re-priming, repainting with the matching colour and finally re lacquering will return your bumper to match the original factory finish.

Bumpers can sometimes get cracked or split, more common when the weather is cold. Auto Body Fix can also repair this bumper damage. Plastic welding techniques are used to join the cracks and splits back together. Then the process above is followed again to return your bumper to its former, pre damaged state.

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Enjoy your car while you have it, don’t leave your repairs until you sell it!


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